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  • 08/09/2020


The third reading event for the tenth edition of TRANSPOESIE follows with five poets – taking the stage with their words, memories, and stories. Each poet shares their work in their consecutive languages, with translations available.

Wednesday October 7 at 8 pm CEST

Live/Social Media

Celebrate poetry from around Europe – and hear from our poets:

Kim SIMONSEN (Faroe Islands) - a poet as well as an essays and non-fiction writer, Simonsen comes from the Faroe Islands. His poems have been translated in many languages and have awarded him the National Literary Award for Faroese Poetry in 2014. Holder of an MA and a PhD in literature, Simonsen teaches at the Creative Writing Department of the University of the Faroe Islands. He has taught at the Universities of Amsterdam and Bergen and has lived in New York, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and in Norway.

Mihail VAKULOVSKI (Moldova) - a Moldovan poet born in 1972 in Ştefan Vodă, formerly known as Suvorov in the USSR, Vakulovski studied literature at the Republic of Moldova State University before doing a PhD in Literature at the University of Bucarest. He wrote eight poetry books between 1997 and 2009. A multifaceted writer, Vakulovski also wrote a theatre play, a novel, two literary essays, two interview books and a history book about the Holocaust in Romania.

Vasco GATO (Portugal) - a Portuguese poet born in 1978 in Lisbon, Gato studied economics and philosophy and worked several jobs before starting working as a literary translator. Since the publication of his first poetry book , he has published over a dozen poetry books, a play and has translated two anthologies of poems. His last novel was published in 2020.

Rosana ACQUARONI (Spain) - a multi-award-winning poet, Acquaroni has a degree in Hispanic Philology and a PhD in Applied Linguistics. She is currently teaching Spanish for foreigners at the Centro Complutense para la Enseñanza del Español (CCEE). In addition, she creates didactic materials and conducts numerous training courses for teachers of Spanish as a foreign and second language. Recognised internationally, Acquaroni’s work has been featured in several anthologies and translated into French, German, Arabic and Portuguese.

Noémi LÁSZLÓ (Hungary) - a laureate of the József Attila prize, Noémi László was born in Cluj, Transilvania, Romania. She is a member of the Hungarian Writers’ Union and the Society of Hungarian Authors. She has published ten poetry books for both children and adults. Her latest volume Aerobatics was illustrated by Andrea Kürti. Apart from writing poetry, László works as an editor for the Cluj-based children’s literature magazines Rainbow and Sunshine.


Moderator: Levente Juhász, Hungarian translator and teacher


You can take part in the event on-line or in a live screening on-site at the Hungarian Cultural Institute, Treurenberg 10, 1000 Brussels. Please note that there is limited seating and hygienic measurements for public safety will be in place. Pre-registration to the live event at the Hungarian Institute is required.

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