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Imane Raissali, or better known as Miss Raisa, is a 24-year-old psychology student, singer, influencer, model and communicator, who has been active since November 2019 creating music within the Hip Hop movement. Raisa writes about different topics that touch her closely, like racism, unequal opportunities, freedom of expression, breaking stereotypes and making visible certain aspects that she experiences in her day-to-day life. Since last August 2019, she decided to create a Tik Tok account where she shares part of herself and her multiculturalism with people, and in less than 6 months, he already has more than 500,000 followers from around the world. She has more followers especially in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Morocco and the United States, among others.

She creates music and she generate content for social networks, she is also a speaker at conferences in many cities in Spain to talk about different topics, such as entrepreneurship, creativity, art, stereotypes and how to overcome them, psychology and music, etc. Undoubtedly, what stands out most about Raisa is her attitude when it comes to dealing with these issues, and when she has to interact with her followers, since her day-to-day life is to break with false myths and false conclusions that people draw from her culture, religion and about her as a woman. She is a strong defender of freedom in all her senses, and in a short time she has been on the urban scene and on social media as a great referent, she has a very loyal followers and she generates a very positive impact on society.

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